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Jusek is controller for the processing of the personal data submitted in this application and through other means.

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Jusek’s processing of personal data

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, membership of a trade union is considered sensitive personal data. When sensitive personal data is processed by Jusek, special rules in the General Data Protection Regulation are applicable. Processing of your personal data includes collection, storage, management, sharing and deletion.

Jusek’s personnel process personal data in accordance with their job descriptions and the General Data Protection Regulation in order to fulfil the terms of your membership agreement with the union. Personal data is also processed by elected representatives appointed by Jusek’s members. Jusek is responsible for the processing of the data submitted to us when you apply to become a member of the union.

We require this data in order to:

  • process your application;
  • administrate your membership with us;
  • safeguard your interests in relation to labour law;
  • carry out evaluations and surveys.
  • We will process your personal data within the scope of Jusek’s objectives and operations, in accordance with our statutes. You took note of our statutes when applying for membership.

Jusek’s statutes can be found here (in swedish)

How we use your personal data

Jusek processes your data in order to ensure we can meet our obligations to you as a member and safeguard your interests. We may even need to process data for other purposes within the scope of our trade union activities, for example, membership benefits. When appropriate, your data will be processed in order to undertake collective bargaining, member surveys and survey mailings relating to salary statistics, among other things, and to compile salary statistics.

We process your personal data in order to provide:

  • Advice and other support on labour law, occupational and trade union related issues (including salary reviews and advice with regard to unemployment insurance and occupational injury insurance).
  • Legal assistance through representation in conjunction with trade union negotiations and during proceedings in courts and arbitration panels.
    The income insurance included in membership.
  • The Jusek magazine, Karriär (Career).
  • Training courses, seminars and other activities.
  • Career advice, including CV analysis.
  • Mailings such as newsletters, information for members, invitations and the like.
  • Invoices with the correct membership fee.

The legal basis for this processing is to fulfil the terms of the agreement which membership entails and fulfil certain legal obligations we have, for example a collective bargaining obligation and/or tasks of public interest performed by the union. (See Articles 6 and 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation).

If for some reason your application does not lead to membership being granted, your personal data will only be processed during the period of time which is necessary in order to ascertain whether membership is to be authorised. The same applies if you have intentionally stopped your application of your own accord. The legal basis for this processing can be found in Article 6.1 f of the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you are not a member, we have processed your personal data on the legal basis of weighing of interests, such as when we wish to market offers about trade union membership. Your personal data will be deleted within three months of the date we receive it.

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Collection of data

Data is usually collected directly from you, as a member, but may also be obtained from your employer or another source.

We use SPAR, the national address register, to obtain address data. This means you do not have to change your address when moving house. We obtain data from SPAR regarding your new officially registered address approximately 10 days after it was registered with the Swedish Tax Agency. If you have registered what is known as a special postal address alongside your officially registered address, SPAR will issue this data. It should be noted that the address will not update automatically if you move abroad. In this case, you must notify us of your new address.

Recipients of data

For the aforementioned purposes, data may also be provided to other parties for processing, for example, in relation to the administration of labour market insurance policies. In cases where there is a legal obligation to do so, data may be forwarded to the relevant authority, for example, the tax authorities.

When appropriate, data is submitted to Saco and its member association – which Jusek cooperates with – as well as negotiating organisations, such as Saco-S, to which Jusek belongs.

Jusek may have shared responsibility for personal data with such a negotiating organisation.

  • Insurance providers.
  • Local associations.
  • Printing works and other distribution companies.
  • IT suppliers.
  • A-kassa unemployment insurance funds.
  • If you cancel your membership

Jusek will purge your personal data on an ongoing basis once the purpose and objective have been fulfilled. However, we may save your data under the general limitation period in Section 2 of the Swedish Act on Limitation (1981:130). We do this in order to establish, exercise or defend legal claims, even if you have requested withdrawal from Jusek.

For example, we may need to retain your personal data due to the period of limitation relating to cases which we have pursued on your behalf. The same applies if we need to process claims relating to non-payment or repayment of membership fees. Data which Jusek needs to retain in order to meet the applicable obligations set forth in other legislation, for example the Swedish Accounting Act, may also be saved.

In order to find out more about the reasons why members choose to cancel their membership with us, we may get in touch with you for up to one year after your cancellation took effect. We do this following a weighing of interests in order to improve our role, support and offerings. We endeavour to be relevant and provide what is requested by our members. The legal basis for this processing appears under Articles 6.1.f and 9.2.d of GDPR. You are entitled to object to our use of your personal data in this way.

Your rights

As a member, you are entitled to obtain a summary of your personal data which is held by Jusek. This is most easily accessed by logging in to your member page. You are entitled to request the correction and amendment of your personal data and, in some cases, have data deleted. You are also entitled to object to processing as well as to claim the right to data portability – if you wish to move to a different trade union, for example, we can assist with the transfer of your personal data.

Feedback or questions about processing

If you have any questions regarding processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact Tove Fors at Saco, the union’s head of personal data processing, at Jusek also wishes to make you aware that you are entitled to submit complaints to the Swedish Data Protection Authority about how the union processes your personal data.

The overall task of the data protection officer is to ensure the controllers comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. As a member, you may contact the data protection officer if you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights. To get in touch with Jusek’s data protection officer, email