Study in Sweden

Here you find information about studying in Sweden. You can read about the different types of education programs. Also, here you get advice on who to talk to if you need help to decide which type that suits you best.

Post-secondary studies

Are you considering studying at a college or university in Sweden? Here is a list of websites that can help you:

Please note that some supplementary programs are not made public. Therefore, you need to contact the university to get more information about a specific supplementary program. 

The application deadline for higher studies is April 16th for the autumn semester and October 15th for the spring semester. Sometimes it is possible to apply late to certain courses and programs, after de regular deadline. This application is also done at 

Translation of secondary school grades

If you don’t have a completed degree but wish to continue your studies at a Swedish college or university, you need to have your secondary school grades translated. That also applies to grades from any other previous studies. Read more about it at UHR:s homepage. 

Vocational studies

In Sweden there are over 1000 different types of vocational studies. These programs are shorter than university and college programs. Also, they are more practical and you learn a vocation instead of getting an analytical and research-focused education. You can read more about vocational studies here. 

Study guidance

There is information about guidance counsellors at secondary schools, universities, colleges and at Komvux. Many counties also have guidance counsellors at their guidance centres (called “Vägledningscentrum” in Swedish).  

Supplementary Education 

For lawyers

If you are a lawyer, you can supplement your foreign degree by studying Swedish law. The education program is two years and it is available at Stockholm University. Read more about it here. 

If you have a degree in economics

If you have a foreign degree in economics there are supplementary education programs available at Lunds university, Mittuniversitetet, Högskolan i Halmstad, Högskolan i Dalarna and Mälardalens högskola.  

The Stockholm School of Economics has a mini MBA program for those who have a foreign degree and have come to Sweden as refugees. Read more about it here. 

If you have a degree in systems science

If you have a foreign degree in systems science, there is a one-year supplementary education program at Lunds university or Högskolan i Dalarna.