Learn Swedish

If you learn Swedish it will be easier for you to get a job. Here you find information about different courses that can help you to learn Swedish.

All counties offer Swedish language courses. The program is called “Swedish for immigrants”, SFI. In some places SFI for professionals is also offered. If possible, we recommend that you register for SFI for professionals.

Studies show that the likelihood of an immigrant getting a job increases by ten percent for those who have good knowledge of Swedish. Also, the average salary for academics increases by 30 percent. Additionally, those who study SFI for professionals are 25 percent more likely to get established on the Swedish job market compared to those who study regular SFI. 

Talk to your contact person in your county and at Arbetsförmedlingen and ask which of the programs that are available to you. It is helpful if you can make your own suggestions, since the contact person is not always aware of all of the programs that you can take. 

Swedish for professionals

SFI for professionals is also called SFX. When you take the course, you will learn terminology that is relevant to your profession. You will also be able to practice presenting and describing your background, your profession and your goals. Field trips and project work are often included in the course. 

Please note that SFX is available to those who already have a profession. Therefore, you must have a completed degree or experience in your field in order to apply for these programs. 

You may be entitled to financial aid and loans from CSN when you take SFX. Contact CSN for more information. 

Swedish for professionals is currently only available in a few places in Sweden. However, Stockholm offers several different courses. Read more about them here. 

Korta vägen

Korta vägen (“The short cut”) is employment training for academics. It is available to those registered in an “Etableringsuppdrag” at Arbetsförmedlingen. That is possible for asylum-immigrants and their families, but not for EES-citizens and people who have immigrated as family to someone with a Swedish background. 

Korta vägen is available in many places in Sweden and mixes education with practical work experience. Here are some websites where you can read more about it. Please note that the information is in Swedish.