Jusek´s career support

Do you need some support while searching for a job? We can help you! Here you find information about the different things that we can do to help you when you are looking for a job.

Network lunch

If you go to one of our networklunches, you get to meet our other members. You can talk about different jobs or educations, which can help you figure out what you want to do. Going to a network lunch is also a good way to expand your network in Sweden! As most Swedes speak good English, you can always ask for a network lunch to be held in English. On this website you can read more and choose who you would like to have lunch with. Please note that the information on the website is in Swedish.

Mentor program

Get access to a sounding board and advice from someone who is well established on the Swedish job market! You choose yourself who you would like to have as your mentor. As most Swedes speak English, you can ask your mentor if you can communicate in English. On this website  you can read more and choose your mentor. Please note that the information on the website is in Swedish.  

How do I write a job application?

On this page you find information about what you should think about when writing a job application. 

Application review

You can get feedback on your job application from an expert working at Go Monday. The expert gives you concrete advice on what to improve. You can choose if you want to send in an application written in English or Swedish, and you can also choose if you want the feedback in English or Swedish. Read more about the application review on Go Mondays website. Click here to order a code which gives you the application review for free. Please note that you can use the code to get a review on your resume, your cover letter and your profile on LinkedIn. 

Would you like some job counselling?

Book a guidance session with one of our job advisors! You can for example discuss your opportunities and alternatives on the Swedish job market or get advice about job seeking. Our job counselling you can read more about it here. In swedish

Sign up for our webinars!

Would you like to learn more about the Swedish job market? Or do you need some guidance when searching for a job? Sign up for our webinars! One webinar is about 45 minutes long and afterwards you get the chance to ask questions. Read more and sign up here Please note that the webinars are held in Swedish. However, after the live webinar we will publish a recorded version with English subtitles. 

Do you need help with LinkedIn?

Besides getting your LinkedIn-profile reviewed, you can also sign up for our step-by-step program which helps you to get started using LinkedIn! You find more information about the program here. Please note that the information is in Swedish. However, the program is available in English and you can sign up for it here 

Common interview questions

Here we have listed some of the most common questions asked at a job interview. You also get advice on how to think when answering the questions. 

Would you like to practice before your interview?

As a Jusek member, you can practice before your interview together with an expert working at Go Monday. You choose yourself if you want written practice, oral practice or both. You can also choose if you want to practice in English or in Swedish. Order your code and read more about our interview training here.