An internship can be a good complement to the academic knowledge you get through a university degree. It is not very common with paid internships, but interning can give you experience and a chance to expand your network in Sweden! Many students get their first job through the contacts they get from their internship.

Try to find a qualified internship that is in line with your studies or what you would like to work with. Start by deciding what kind of organization you would like to learn more about or which industry you would like to get involved in. Also, think about what you can offer an employer.

Get in touch with those employers that you are interested in. Either you can first submit an application which you then follow up with a phone call, or you can start by calling to see if there is any interest in taking on an intern.


Always sign a contract or a written agreement about the terms of your internship. Your internship contract should include:

  • The employer’s name, address and organization number
  • Your name and address
  • The time period of your internship
  • The purpose of your internship and your tasks
  • The name of your supervisor
  • Period of notice (if applicable)
  • Working hours
  • Compensation and benefits (if applicable)
  • Annual leave and holiday compensation (if applicable)

Certificates and references

Make sure that you get a certificate or letter of recommendation at the end of your internship. The certificate should include:

  • Your name and personal identity number
  • The length of your internship
  • A brief description of the organization
  • A description of the tasks you have completed
  • A review of your performance
  • A recommendation for potential future employers

What should I think about before applying?

It is important to be clear about what you want to do during your internship, but also what you can contribute. That way you can avoid being left to sort documents in the archives for your entire internship. Also, make sure that you get some kind of instruction and guidance during your internship. Ask your supervisor or another suitable person in the organization if you can use them as a reference when you apply for jobs.