Starting your own business

Are you considering starting you own company for the first time in your life? Or do you have previous experience running a business? We can advise you in both situations!

In Sweden there are four different types of companies. Which one you should choose depends on your financial situation and what level of security and possibilities you prefer.

Sole trader (sole proprietorship) – “Enskild firma”

  • No capital investment required.
  • May be suitable if you are starting a business by yourself.
  • No clear distinction between the company’s finances and your personal finances.
  • Personal liability.

Partnership and limited partnership – “Handelsbolag” or “Kommanditbolag”

  • No capital investment required.
  • At least two people are needed to start the company.
  • Personal joint and several liability.

Limited partnership is a form of partnership with a different division of responsibilities. In Swedish this type of company is called “Kommanditbolag”.

Limited company – “Aktiebolag”

  • Share capital of at least SEK 50 000 is required.
  • One or more people can start and own the company.
  • Limited companies are their own legal entity.
  • Personal liability is limited to the share capital.

 Economic association – “Ekonomisk förening”

  • At least three people are needed to start the company.
  • Should promote the economic interests of its members.
  • Everyone should be involved in the operation.
  • Liability is limited to the member stake.

Help and support

There are several organizations that offer help and support when starting your own business.

Verksamt is a portal where you can find information from several authorities at one place. You can for example build a business plan, make calculations and register a company.

Nyföretagarcentrum (the Centre for new business) offers confidential guidance free of charge for those considering starting their own business. They can give you advice about for example your business idea, budget, company type and marketing.

Almi offers financing and business development to innovators and new companies. They also have templates on their website, for example for creating a business plan. In addition, there is a mentor program where you can get support from a mentor who is already a business owner.

Skatteverket (the Swedish tax authority) offers guidance and support in issues related to tax. Skatteverket also has information meetings together with other authorities free of charge.