How to expand your Swedish network

It is very common to get a job through personal connections. Even if you don’t know that many people in Sweden, don’t worry! Here you get some advice on how to expand your Swedish network.

First of all, make sure that everyone around you knows that you are looking for a job. Besides friends and family, it could for example be neighbors or people you met through studies. Ask them if they know anyone who might be able to help you in your search for a job and ask for their contact info. Book meetings with the people you’ve been recommended to talk to, you could for example get together for lunch.

Ways to expand your Swedish network

This is a list of organizations which can help you to meet new people and expand your network when looking for a job:

Mitt liv
This organization has a mentorship program for educated immigrants. On their website you can also find job opportunities.

If you have already found a job, this organization can help you to get in contact with someone working in the same field as you. You can for example go out to lunch, where you can share your experiences and learn from each other.

Svenska med baby
Svenska med baby organizes meetups for people on parental leave. By going to their get-togethers, you can network, practice your Swedish and meet other parents who have a different cultural background.

This organization can help you if you want to work as a volunteer. You don’t get paid for what you do but working as a volunteer makes your network bigger and gives you valuable experience when searching for a job.