Immigrated university graduate

Welcome to our page for immigrated university graduates! Here you find information about how to get a job in Sweden and how to get an assessment of your foreign degree.

You can also read about how to find courses in Swedish, Jusek and what we can do to help you!

About Jusek and your membership

Jusek is a trade union for university graduates. If you have studied social sciences, economics, human relations, law, computer science or communications, you can become a member of Jusek.

More on how to get a job

Support when searching for a job

Here is a list of organizations that can support and help you when searching for a job!

Staffing and recruitment agencies

There are many staffing and recruitment agencies in Sweden. They help employers to find new personnel and could therefore be a good way for you to get a job in Sweden!

Starting your own business

Are you considering starting you own company for the first time in your life? Or do you have previous experience running a business? We can advise you in both situations!

Learn Swedish

If you learn Swedish it will be easier for you to get a job. Here you find information about different courses that can help you to learn Swedish.

Study in Sweden

Here you find information about studying in Sweden. You can read about the different types of education programs. Also, here you get advice on who to talk to if you need help to decide which type that suits you best.

Member benefits for Immigrated University Graduates

Profit from our services and benefits whether applying for your first job, working for several years, looking for a job, starting your own business, becoming a manager or changing careers.