Membership benefits

Legal security, income insurance, career support, discounts on insurance, seminars, lectures, the magazine Karriär, loans at a low interest rate and much more.

We’re there for you, throughout your career.

You profit from our services and benefits whether applying for your first job, working for several years, looking for a job, starting your own business, becoming a manager or changing careers.

Legal security

Our ombudsmen are experts in labour laws and represent you when laws and contracts are breached. For instance, in the event of labour market conflicts or if you are given notice. 
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Income insurance

Is a complement to the unemployment benefit fund and provides compensation for 80 percent of your unemployment benefit fund-based salary up to SEK 80,000 per month. NB You have to be a member of Akademikernas a-kassa to qualify for the income insurance. 
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Jusek’s career support

Regardless of whether you are unemployed, want to change jobs or start your own business, as a member of Jusek you are entitled to self-help to advance your career.
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Compensation for legal expenses

Jusek may provide compensation for legal expenses for members facing legal proceedings for breach of obligation. The compensation applies to all members who exercise public authority in the public sector or the private sector. If you are summoned to a hearing or charged with breach of obligation, the compensation covers your legal fees. You must actively apply for compensation for legal expenses from Jusek.
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Insurance policies at substantial membership discounts

Sign up for favourable insurance policies, including home, health and accident insurance policies, at substantial membership discounts. 
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Seminars and lectures

Jusek organises a series of seminars and network gatherings, free of charge.
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Salary statistics

Use our salary statistics when negotiating your pay for a new position or salary discussion.
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The Jusek Magazine Karriär

Analyses and keeps you informed about your job market. Published about ten times a year, it is included in your membership fee.
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Magazine subscriptions

We offer membership discounts for several trade journals.
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Buy cheaper books at AdLibris

You can buy books for 30-50% less than at your regular bookstore at the online bookstore, AdLibris. Jusek members receive an additional 5% discount on all purchases.
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Low interest loans

Through an unsecured loan. This is a loan that requires a standard credit statement but no collateral. In collaboration with Danske bank,Nordea, SEB and Swedbank.
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Network for expatriates

As a Jusek member you receive a 50% discount on membership fees in the organisation Svenskar i Världen (Swedes throughout the world).
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