Membership benefits for Students

Your support during the study period until your first job.

You can use our services and benefits when you are in the beginning, middle or end of their studies. When you start working, you should let us know so that you can take advantage of the services and benefits that suit you then.

Membership Services

Students' Support

You get personalized service from our student mediators who are experts on issues of study orientation, job search, job interviews and salary. You can also submit your job application to get feedback on it.
Membership Services

Membership benefits

Insurance policies with substantial member discounts

You can subscribe for subsidized insurance, which primarily protects your belongings but also includes travel insurance, property, assault protection and indemnity insurance.
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Event och workshops

Each semester Jusek organizes various events in the workplace. You can get ideas for essays, build networks for the future and to gain insight into the type of work your training can lead to. On Jusek workshops, you can also get support for job seekers.
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Salary statistics 

Jusek takes annually until wage statistics for our members. Based on that we can provide guidance for the first step of the call. The aim is to give you seeking your first job after graduation, a benchmark of what is a realistic salary.
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The Jusek Magazine Karriär

Analyses and keeps you informed about your job market. Published about ten times a year, it is included in your membership fee.
Jusek Magazine website Karriär

Magazine subscriptions 

As a member you will receive a complimentary subscription to a trade publication. It also offers discounts on several different newspapers.
Newspapers with member discount

Buy cheaper books at AdLibris 

You can buy books for 30-50% less than at your regular bookstore at the online bookstore, AdLibris. Jusek members receive an additional 5% discount on all purchases.
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