Becoming a Jusek member

Who qualifies for membership, how do you pay and how to become a member of the Unemployment Benefit Fund.

Membership requirement

Membership is open to persons who possess academic degrees or have completed a higher education for at least 3 years of university studies or students in Law, Business Administration and Economics, Computer and Systems Science, Personnel Management and Social Science.


Join Jusek here

The first six months of membership are free.

The fee you pay will depend of the size of your income

Jusek membership is for people with an academic qualification from
another country who are learning Swedish.

Application for membership

An application form is available online. Note that there is a separate application form for Akademikernas a-kassa (The Graduates´ Unemployment Benefit Fund). You have to be a member of the Akademikernas a-kassa to qualify for the income insurance. 
Link to application form
Read more about Akademikernas a-kassa, unemployment fund for graduates

Immigrated Academics who are learning Swedish may join Jusek for free for six months. Read more and link to application form.

Method of Payment

Payments can be made quickly and easily on a monthly basis directly from your bank account. There is an on-line application named “Direct debit”. Please fill in your account number and the clearing number of the bank and sign it. This enables Jusek to deduct the membership fee directly from your account. Alternatively we will send you a paying-in slip either annually or quarterly at your discretion. Whichever method you choose, the fee remains the same. 
Form for direct debit

Akademikernas Erkända Arbetslöshetskassa, The Graduates´ Unemployment Benefit Fund, is the unemployment fund for graduates in Sweden. For further information regarding membership as well as basic and income-related insurance please click on the following link. The maximum compensation from the Unemployment Insurance is 14 960 SEK/month. If you comply with all the basic requirements, Akademikernas a-kassa can grant you benefit for a 300-day period of unemployment (at a maximum of five days a week). For the first five days of unemployment, no financial compensation is provided by Akademikernas a-kassa. For the long-term unemployed, each new insurance period is preceded by five qualifying days. If you become unemployed It is very important to register with your local arbetsförmedling (job centre) on the first working day of your unemployment.