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Immigrated University Graduate

Welcome to Jusek’s information for university graduates who have immigrated to Sweden. In this information we’ll share what kind of support Jusek can give you, common routes to employment in Sweden and how you can get your foreign degree translated.

About Jusek and the Benefits of Membership

Information about how trade unions work in Sweden, what membership in Jusek costs and what kind of support you can receive from Jusek.
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Jusek’s Career Services

Information about Jusek’s various career services such as mentorships, assistance with your resumé, and tips on how to use LinkedIn when you’re applying for jobs.
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Finding a Job in Sweden

Information about how you can expand and make use of your network to find a job, how to get your degree translated, how job application processes look in Sweden and different routes to employment. There is also information about staffing agencies and support if you wish to start your own business.
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Studying in Sweden

Information about pursuing higher education in Sweden - both academic studies and vocational training.
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Learning Swedish

Information about vocation-specific Swedish language training and supplementary language training for various professions.
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