About Jusek and your membership

Jusek is a trade union for university graduates. If you have studied social sciences, economics, human relations, law, computer science or communications, you can become a member of Jusek.

We have approximately 89 000 members, which makes us one of the biggest trade unions for university graduates. Together with over 20 other unions, Jusek is a part of Saco, an umbrella organization that coordinates and advocates for the interests of university graduates. There are two other umbrella organizations in Sweden: LO and TCO.

Read more about Saco here.

In Sweden, trade unions have a historically strong position. In contrast to other countries, strikes and other industrial actions are rare. This is thanks to the consensus attitude between employers and unions. Therefore, membership in a trade union is not controversial in Sweden. 

Wages and collective bargaining agreements

In Sweden there is no legislated minimum wage and there are relatively few laws about working conditions and similar. Instead, salaries and other conditions are regulated in collective bargaining agreements or directly between the employee and their employer. Many employers have collective bargaining agreements, which act as a guarantee for good working conditions. But not all employers have them, so it is an important question to ask in connection with your employment.

If the employer isn’t bound by a collective bargaining agreement, your salary, annual leave, retirement provisions and working hours will be decided directly in your employment contract.

Contact us before you sign your contract and we will help you to determine if the terms of the agreement are reasonable. You can also get advice on what salary to request based on our salary statistics, which indicate average salaries for comparable positions and levels of experience.

Your membership

If you recently came to Sweden and have a degree from a foreign university, you may be entitled to a reduced membership fee. 

  • If you are enrolled in supplementary studies or are learning Swedish through SFX, you pay a one-time fee of SEK 100 for as long as you are registered as a member. There is a limit of maximum six years.
  • If you are unemployed, you are entitled to a reduced fee depending on your income.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to make changes regarding your membership.

What can we do to help you?

We support you throughout your career – as a student, job-seeker and employee. Among other things we can offer you:

  • Support when searching for a job through guidance, interview training or reviewing your job application. We can also help you to build your professional network through career lunches and our mentorship program.
  • Advice and guidance about employment terms and salary negotiations when entering into employment.
  • Support if you wish to start your own business.
  • Support if you are in a management position.
  • Income insurance in case you lose your job.
  • Subsidized insurance and benefits.


Membership application


I have studied at university for at least three years?*


All types of work count, including extra and part-time work.

Unemployment insurance fund AEA

Read about AEA at aea.se

Notice! You need to be a member of AEA to get an income insurance from Jusek*
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